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Nescient Philosophy
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Hello! If you're reading this, you've stumbled across this community, The_Pink_Robott! Where did that odd name come from, you ask? Why, from The Flaming Lips! If you've ever heard them and their newer material, you may know that a song entitled "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", part I and II, makes (obvious) references to certain colorful machines. But wait! The facts behind the title of this community lie in another song, entitles "Do You Realize??", which, since I want this community to be a softcore theological/philosophical one (contradictive topics, I know, but that'll just spice things up a bit!) and other such matter oriented, is a bit self explanitory. By softcore I mean that nobody in here is a philosophy prof at some renowned college, I mean that, in here, I want you to post YOUR views on the world, influenced not by others and their thinking, but rather just your own. On to the rules!

- your personal journal STAYS OUT OF THIS COMMUNITY. No offense or anything, but nobody here is going to care truly about how your day was, so please keep that stuff in your journal. *Unless* what happened in your day had a profound effect on you! If the latter is true, please! Post what happened and your thoughts about the subject, for they are most welcome.

- No swearing or general rudeness. I mean really, that doesn't really help anyone out, does it? It just makes everyone a bit more sad. The exception to this, of course, is if you're using a certain word/phrase IN CONTEXT, such as quoting somone else's words. In that case, profanity's fine, but still, only use it if it's really neccessary.

- Please, don't clog up cyberspace with banners for your own community. That's a bit rude, I think, and doesn't have it's place in this community. Speaking if which, if you desire to make banners for THIS journal, You can, I geuss, but I ask you not to put them in other people's communities, because people may tolerate them, but nobody really LIKES them. Banners, that is.

- Don't join, please, just for the heck of it. I mean either join because you want to be an active part in The_Pink_Robott's community, or don't join at all. That's all I ask.

So that's the lowdown on this community! If you have any questions, please, feel free to E-mail me at Pavis_mons@yahoo.com, or post a comment in the community. Suggestions for anything would also be taken with grace, such as another idea for an interest or something that I missed that I should put in here, in the info. Enjoy!